Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Sign!

Our New Year's resolution...a new sign! What do you think? Last year was a fantastic year for us with our fishing charters coming back to the Inlet with wahoo, dolphin and even a shark! Let's hope 2012 brings in all the great catches last year did with new and exciting saltwater adventures to be had.

I'm thinking maybe the day's catch is a good omen. What do you guys think?

And our second resolution, to give you a tip of the week! Here is our first brought to you by Fishing Florida:

        "If you fish by an inlet, fish in the outgoing water which brings the bait out to sea. This will hold the best action for strikes. Just let the outgoing water carry your bait out in a natural way."

Happy New Year to you all from Hillsboro Inlet Fishing Center.

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